Using Salesforce for Inventory Management: What You Need to Know

The key to exponential growth isn’t always reinvention.  For many companies, the search for inventory management is never-ending. This is especially true for businesses specializing in financial services, media, and communications. 

Salesforce Lightning’s inventory management capabilities are designed for monitoring inventory levels, sales, shipment, and orders. It can also be used to create work orders or other production-related documents. Companies use Salesforce inventory management software services to prevent product overstock and outages. 

Using Salesforce Lightning for inventory management is a strong business move. Salesforce is highly configurable and can be set up to organize any inventory management system.  

The Benefits of Inventory Management: How it Can Improve Your Business  

Businesses across multiple industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, food service, and more, all benefit from improved inventory management. Effective management of your inventory provides a number of advantages, from reducing product loss to increasing service speed, efficiency, and revenues.

The top benefits of an inventory management system

Tracking your inventory manually requires countless labor hours and is prone to human error, which can multiply into exponential losses for your business. Many companies rely on automated inventory systems to keep track of their items and products – and Salesforce tools for inventory management are among the best available.

Salesforce provides inventory management capabitlities through both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning as part of its field service management solutions.  The benefits of implementing Salesforce Lightning for inventory management include:

  • Saves time and money
  • Successful cost control of operations
  • Increases availability of product
  • Secures sales with confidence
  • Provides real-time sales information
  • Maximizes profits

Advantages of Using Salesforce Lightning for Inventory Management

An automated inventory management system like Salesforce can help your business in many ways. With a Salesforce integration, you can enjoy a centralized, up-to-the-minute accurate view of your stock levels, allowing you to track your inventory with precision.

Salesforce’s inventory management controls help you and your employees significantly reduce the time you spend tracking inventory, and can cut down or even eliminate manual inventory reviews. With highly precise, automated inventory tracking, you’ll be able to meet customer expectations consistently by always knowing what’s in stock and what isn’t. 

You’ll also enjoy a number of cost savings through reductions in over- and under-ordering, less labor hours needed, and reducing or eliminating the amount of out-of-date stock in your storage or warehouse.

A chart showing a selection of the benefits of inventory management

Some of the top inventory management features in Salesforce include:

  • Allocating inventory for specific customer orders
  • Creating purchase orders directly from sales orders
  • Keeping a record of all packaging and shipment in one system

3 Ways Inventory Managed Services Simplifies Your Business Operations 

As businesses migrate from pen to paper processes, digital solutions play a more centralized role in maintaining inventory. Inventory management solutions in Salesforce are programmed to analyze behavioral patterns or predetermined schedules for inventory. This form of business intelligence (BI) uses automation tools that help you keep track of of customer demands and anticipate their needs. 

Salesforce can be configured to meet your purchasing demands, regardless of complexity. Here are three ways that a  inventory management system can simplify your business operations.

Get Real-Time Inventory Data 

When your inventory reaches a certain threshold, inventory managed software can be configured to tell managers to reorder products. This preventative measure helps you avoid overstock and stock shortages.

Diverse Service Management Methods

Service-oriented companies can also benefit from this software integration. The primary uses for service companies include tracking the cost of the materials used to provide services. For example, cleaning supplies used for a housekeeping service can be tracked. This allows you to monitor costs for services rendered.

Optimized Inventory and Insight into Trends

Salesforce inventory management allows you to track both your own and your competition’s activity. This activity may include location of products stocked, suppliers the products come from, and the amount of time the products are stored for. With this business interface, you can manage your business’s inventory levels online while maximizing your warehouse storage – and keep up with the latest inventory trends in your industry.

A fully automated inventory system is key to attaining optimization metrics. Businesses that utilize Salesforce inventory management are more prepared to consistently meet customer supply and demand. Salesforce allows you to forecast and analyze all data related to products in your inventory. Improve Your Overall Business  Operations with Salesforce Integration from Rainmaker

Salesforce has a proven track record for improving business websites and functionality. Its powerful tools ensure that businesses are well-positioned to boost performance and increase conversion rates. As with most business functions, Salesforce and Salesforce Lightning can help your business realize vast improvements in your inventory management. 

Not sure how to get started with Salesforce inventory management? The certified Salesforce experts at Rainmaker can help you configure and implement the best Salesforce solution for your business. We offer a wide range of Salesforce managed services to ensure that your business runs optimally at all levels.


For more in depth ways of leveraging Salesforce inventory management, contact one of our experts today. 

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