Top CPQ Vendors for Enterprise-Level Businesses

In the fast-paced world of enterprise-level businesses, every second counts. Streamlining your sales process with a powerful CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool suite is the key to staying ahead of the competition and driving unprecedented growth.

CPQ solutions enable sales teams to configure accurate and error-free quotes quickly. The platform automates the product configuration process, ensuring that all components and options are compatible and valid. This significantly reduces the chances of manual errors, leading to more reliable quotes and a streamlined quoting process.

CPQ streamlines the entire sales cycle, from configuration to pricing and quoting. Sales representatives can respond to customer inquiries faster, generating quotes in real-time. This agility can help accelerate the sales process, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the chances of closing deals.

CPQ solutions enforce consistent branding and presentation across all quotes and proposals. By using standardized templates and product descriptions, businesses can project a more professional image to customers, enhancing their trust and confidence in the company.

In industries where products have many customizable options and configurations, CPQ simplifies the process. Sales representatives can guide customers through the configuration process, ensuring they receive a tailored solution that meets their specific needs.

CPQ systems calculate pricing based on predefined rules and configurations, ensuring that quotes are accurate and aligned with the company’s pricing strategies. Additionally, CPQ can help optimize pricing by suggesting upsell or cross-sell opportunities, maximizing revenue potential.

With CPQ automating repetitive and manual tasks, sales representatives can focus more on customer engagement and building relationships. This leads to improved sales productivity as they spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on value-added activities.

CPQ solutions provide valuable data insights and analytics on sales performance, customer preferences, and product trends. These analytics help businesses make data-driven decisions, identify sales opportunities, and continuously improve their sales strategies.

CPQ enables sales representatives to create personalized quotes and proposals tailored to each customer’s needs and preferences. This personalized approach enhances the overall customer experience, increasing the likelihood of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Let’s take a look at some of the top CPQ vendors for enterprise-level businesses to enhance sales efficiency, accuracy, and consistency while providing valuable data insights to optimize sales strategies to improve customer satisfaction, faster sales cycles, and increased revenue for businesses.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a powerful solution that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, making it a top choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive sales automation platform. Its scalability, configurability, and sales efficiency benefits make it suitable for companies with diverse product catalogs and complex quoting requirements. However, businesses should be prepared for the complexity of implementation and carefully assess the total cost of ownership to ensure it aligns with their specific needs and budget.


  • Seamless Integration with Salesforce CRM: One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce CPQ is its seamless integration with Salesforce CRM. This integration allows sales teams to have a holistic view of customer interactions, quotes, and orders within a single platform. It streamlines the sales process and enables better collaboration between sales representatives and other teams like customer support and marketing.
  • Highly Configurable and Scalable: Salesforce CPQ offers robust configuration capabilities, allowing businesses with complex product catalogs to create customized quotes tailored to individual customer needs. The solution is highly scalable, accommodating the growth of the business and its expanding product portfolio without compromising performance.
  • Enhanced Sales Efficiency: With automated pricing calculations, product configurations, and quote generation, Salesforce CPQ boosts sales team efficiency. Sales reps can quickly generate accurate quotes, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and allowing them to focus more on building relationships with customers and closing deals.


  • Complexity and Implementation Challenges: Salesforce CPQ’s rich feature set and configurability can make the initial implementation complex and time-consuming. Businesses need to invest in proper planning, training, and possibly third-party assistance to ensure a smooth deployment and maximize the benefits of the platform.
  • Cost Considerations: As a premium solution, Salesforce CPQ’s pricing may be a significant consideration for smaller businesses or those with more straightforward quoting needs. The total cost of ownership, including licenses, implementation, and ongoing support, should be carefully evaluated to determine its return on investment.
  • Potential for Feature Overload: While Salesforce CPQ’s configurability is a strength, it can also become a challenge. Some organizations may find that the platform offers more features and complexity than they actually need, potentially leading to a steeper learning curve and underutilization of certain capabilities.


ResellerOS is a relatively new platform designed to cater specifically to technology-focused value added resellers (VARs) and sales teams. It streamlines and optimizes the reseller’s business processes, from managing sales operations, deal registrations, and order and asset systems. Users should request a trial or demo of the platform to assess its suitability for their particular reselling operations.


  • Tailored for Value Added Resellers: ResellerOS is purpose-built for VARs, meaning it is designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of reselling technology products and services. This targeted approach can lead to better alignment with VAR business processes and potentially offer more specialized features for their needs.
  • Simplified Product Catalog Management: The platform provides tools to manage and update product catalogs effectively. This feature is crucial for VARs dealing with a wide range of technology products from various vendors. By streamlining catalog management, ResellerOS can help reduce errors and ensure accurate product information for quoting and sales.
  • Integrated Sales Automation: ResellerOS offers sales automation features that can enhance the efficiency of sales teams. These functionalities may include quote generation, order processing, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. By automating repetitive tasks, sales representatives can focus more on building relationships and closing deals.


  • Limited Market Penetration: As a relatively new platform, ResellerOS is still building market penetration compared to more established solutions. This could potentially impact the availability of user guides, community support, and third-party integrations.
  • Feature Set Maturity: Being a newer platform, ResellerOS is in the process of developing and refining advanced feature sets. Users may join an early adopter program to help influence the product roadmap for features and functionalities.
  • Integration Challenges: VARs often rely on a diverse ecosystem of tools and systems to run their businesses effectively. ResellerOS may still be developing standard integrations with financial and other business software, but has customization support available.

Yanga CPQ

Yanga CPQ is a relatively new entrant in the CPQ market, aiming to provide value added resellers (VARs) with a platform to streamline their quoting and sales processes. Yanga CPQ has competitive pricing that could be attractive to businesses with simpler quoting needs. However, prospective users should carefully assess the platform’s feature set, integration capabilities, and available support to determine if it aligns with their specific quoting requirements and business goals.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Yanga CPQ boasts a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. This simplicity can be beneficial for sales representatives who need to quickly create quotes and proposals without getting bogged down by a complex system.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: As a newer platform, Yanga CPQ may be designed to scale and adapt to the evolving needs of VARs. Its flexibility can make it more suitable for businesses with varying product catalogs and quoting requirements.
  • Competitive Pricing: Yanga CPQ might offer competitive pricing compared to more established CPQ solutions. This could be appealing for smaller businesses or those looking for a cost-effective CPQ solution that meets their basic quoting needs.


  • Limited Feature Set: As a newer entrant, Yanga CPQ may not yet offer the same level of advanced features and capabilities found in more established CPQ platforms. This could potentially limit the platform’s ability to handle complex configurations and pricing scenarios.
  • Integration Challenges: Yanga CPQ might face challenges when it comes to seamless integration with existing business systems, such as CRM platforms or ERP systems. VARs with a diverse ecosystem of tools may need to evaluate the platform’s compatibility with their current tech stack.
  • Support and Resources: Being a newer solution, Yanga CPQ may have a smaller user base and community, which could impact the availability of resources, user guides, and support channels. VARs might need to rely on the vendor for support and updates.

Conga CPQ

Conga CPQ is a widely recognized and established platform that provides comprehensive quoting and sales automation capabilities. It offers seamless integration with Salesforce and other CRMs that enhances user productivity and data consistency. However, businesses should be prepared for the initial complexity and carefully evaluate the cost-benefit analysis to determine if Conga CPQ aligns with their specific quoting requirements and budget.


  • Robust Configuration and Pricing Capabilities: Conga CPQ offers robust configuration and pricing capabilities, making it suitable for value-added resellers dealing with complex product catalogs and diverse pricing structures. The platform can handle intricate product configurations, bundling options, and multi-tiered pricing models, ensuring accurate quotes for each customer’s unique requirements.
  • Seamless Integration with Salesforce and Other CRMs: Conga CPQ integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM and other popular CRM systems. This integration enables sales teams to work within their familiar CRM environment while leveraging CPQ functionalities to generate quotes, track opportunities, and manage customer data efficiently.
  • Advanced Quoting and Document Generation: The platform excels in quote generation and document creation, allowing sales representatives to create professional and visually appealing quotes and proposals quickly. Conga CPQ’s document automation capabilities can significantly reduce manual work, leading to faster turnaround times and consistent branding in all customer-facing materials.


  • Initial Complexity and Implementation Time: Like many sophisticated CPQ solutions, Conga CPQ may have a steeper learning curve during the initial implementation phase. Businesses should plan for adequate training and onboarding to ensure successful adoption and utilization of the platform’s advanced features.
  • Cost Considerations: Conga CPQ is a premium solution, and its pricing may be a significant consideration for smaller businesses or those with more straightforward quoting needs. Organizations should carefully assess their quoting volume and complexity to determine if the benefits of the platform justify the investment.
  • Limited Customization for Non-Sales Users: While Conga CPQ offers a robust set of features for sales teams, it may have limited customization options for non-sales users or administrators. Customizing certain workflows or processes outside of the core sales functionalities may require additional development or workarounds.

ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sales CPQ can be a powerful tool for value added resellers and sales teams dealing with complex product configurations and diverse offerings. Its integration with ConnectWise Manage and efficient quoting process are significant advantages. However, businesses considering this solution should be prepared for a learning curve, explore additional reporting options if required, and carefully evaluate its pricing based on their specific needs.


  • Comprehensive Configuration Capabilities: ConnectWise Sales CPQ offers extensive configuration capabilities, allowing value added resellers (VARs) to create highly customized quotes for their customers. The solution supports complex product configurations, bundling, and options, making it suitable for businesses dealing with diverse product offerings.
  • Streamlined Quoting Process: The platform streamlines the quoting process, enabling sales teams to generate quotes quickly and accurately. With automated pricing calculations, product configurations, and quote generation, sales representatives can focus more on customer engagement and less on administrative tasks, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Integration with ConnectWise Manage: For businesses already using ConnectWise Manage, the integration with ConnectWise Sales CPQ can provide seamless end-to-end sales and service management. This integration facilitates a smooth transition from the quoting stage to service delivery, ensuring a consistent customer experience throughout the entire sales cycle.


  • Steeper Learning Curve: Implementing and mastering ConnectWise Sales CPQ may require a significant learning curve for new users. The platform’s extensive capabilities and customizability may be overwhelming at first, and adequate training and support may be necessary to ensure the sales team can fully utilize its features.
  • Limited Reporting and Analytics: While the platform provides basic reporting features, some users may find the analytics capabilities to be limited. VARs with more sophisticated reporting needs may require additional third-party tools or manual data manipulation to gain deeper insights into their sales performance and customer behavior.
  • Pricing Complexity: For smaller businesses or those with simpler product offerings, ConnectWise Sales CPQ’s pricing may be perceived as relatively high. The cost associated with the solution might not be justifiable for companies with straightforward quoting requirements, especially if they don’t fully utilize all of its advanced features.

Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ, formerly known as BigMachines CPQ, is a robust and widely used solution in the CPQ market. Oracle CPQ is a robust and enterprise-ready solution that excels in handling complex product configurations and integrating with various business systems. Its scalability and advanced features make it suitable for larger organizations and value-added resellers with diverse product catalogs. However, businesses should be prepared for the complex implementation process, higher costs, and consider their customization needs when evaluating the platform’s suitability for their specific quoting requirements and budget.


  • Advanced Configuration Capabilities: Oracle CPQ provides advanced configuration capabilities, making it suitable for value-added resellers dealing with complex product catalogs and intricate pricing structures. The platform can handle multi-dimensional product configurations and customizations, ensuring accurate quotes for even the most complex customer requirements.
  • Seamless Integration with Oracle and Other Systems: Oracle CPQ integrates seamlessly with Oracle’s suite of business applications and other popular CRM and ERP systems. This integration enables smooth data flow between different business functions, creating a cohesive and efficient sales ecosystem.
  • Scalability and Enterprise-Ready: Oracle CPQ is designed to scale with the growth of a business. It is suitable for enterprises and large organizations, handling high quoting volumes and supporting multiple sales channels. The platform’s scalability makes it a preferred choice for businesses with expanding operations.


  • Complex Implementation and Learning Curve: The initial implementation of Oracle CPQ can be complex, requiring dedicated planning and expertise. Businesses should expect a learning curve for users, especially those new to the platform, which may lead to a period of adjustment and training.
  • Higher Total Cost of Ownership: Oracle CPQ is a premium solution, and its pricing might be a significant consideration for smaller businesses or those with more straightforward quoting needs. Additionally, businesses should account for ongoing maintenance and support costs, resulting in a higher total cost of ownership.
  • Customization Challenges: While Oracle CPQ offers extensive features, some businesses may find that certain customizations require technical expertise and involvement from Oracle’s professional services. This could lead to longer lead times and additional costs for tailoring the platform to specific business processes.


SAP CPQ, also known as CallidusCloud CPQ, is part of the SAP Sales Cloud suite. It handles complex configurations and pricing scenarios. Its deep integration with the SAP ecosystem and advanced analytics capabilities make it suitable for larger enterprises and value-added resellers dealing with diverse product catalogs. However, businesses should be prepared for the implementation complexity, higher costs, and carefully evaluate their customization needs to determine if SAP CPQ aligns with their specific quoting requirements and business objectives.


  • Deep Integration with SAP Ecosystem: SAP CPQ seamlessly integrates with other SAP solutions, including SAP CRM and SAP ERP systems. This level of integration provides a unified platform for sales teams, streamlining data flow and eliminating silos between different business functions.
  • Powerful Configuration Capabilities: SAP CPQ offers powerful configuration capabilities, making it suitable for value added resellers dealing with complex product configurations and pricing rules. The platform can handle intricate bundling, discounting, and upselling scenarios, ensuring accurate and personalized quotes for each customer.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: The solution provides advanced analytics and reporting functionalities, enabling sales managers to gain valuable insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and product trends. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions and continuously improve their sales strategies.


  • Implementation Complexity: SAP CPQ’s deep integration and extensive features may result in a more complex implementation process compared to other CPQ solutions. Businesses should plan for sufficient time and resources to ensure a successful deployment and user adoption.
  • Higher Cost of Ownership: Being part of the SAP ecosystem, SAP CPQ is a premium solution, and its pricing might be a significant consideration for smaller businesses or those with more straightforward quoting needs. Organizations should carefully evaluate their budget and expected ROI when considering this solution.
  • Customization Challenges: While SAP CPQ offers a comprehensive set of features, some businesses may encounter challenges when customizing certain workflows or integrating with non-SAP systems. Customizations may require technical expertise and coordination with SAP’s professional services.

Embrace the Future of Sales with ResellerOS

While other vendors built CPQ to solve yesterday’s VAR issues, ResellerOS is a game-changer for the future of enterprise-level businesses seeking to maximize their sales efficiency. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology, ResellerOS revolutionizes the way you handle CPQ, vendor registration, deal management, order processing, and asset tracking.

QuotesAI: Empower Your CPQ Process

Revolutionize Your Quoting Experience by saying goodbye to manual and time-consuming quote generation. With QuotesAI, crafting compelling and customized quotes becomes a breeze. Leverage AI-driven insights to create quotes that resonate with your clients, ultimately leading to increased conversions and revenue.

Personalization at Its Finest:

QuotesAI analyzes customer data, product information, and pricing details to deliver personalized quotes that cater to your clients’ unique needs. Stand out from the crowd with tailored quotes that showcase the true value of your offerings.

Swift and Accurate:

Experience the thrill of faster sales cycles with swift quote generation and instant responses to customer inquiries. Eliminate costly errors and ensure accurate pricing, making your business a beacon of professionalism and reliability.

DealRegAI: Register, Manage, and Excel

Streamlined Deal Registration:

Registering deals can be a tedious process, but not with DealRegAI. Simplify and accelerate deal registration, ensuring that no valuable opportunities are missed or delayed. Gain a competitive edge in the market with faster deal registration and increased efficiency.

Vendor Compliance Made Easy:

Stay compliant with vendor requirements effortlessly. DealRegAI automates the management of deal registrations and ensures that your business adheres to vendor guidelines, keeping your partnerships strong and fruitful.

Strategic Insights:

Unlock valuable insights into your deal pipeline and performance. DealRegAI provides you with data-driven metrics, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your deal management strategy.

Orders and AssetsAI: Seamless Order and Asset Management

Effortless Order Processing:

Managing orders is no longer a hassle. Orders and AssetsAI simplifies order processing, reducing the chances of costly manual errors. Enjoy a seamless order fulfillment experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Asset Tracking:

Keep track of your assets with precision and ease. Orders and AssetsAI enables you to monitor and manage your assets, including upgrades and end-of-life recommendations. Make data-driven decisions and extend the lifecycle of your assets effectively.

Optimize Inventory Management:

Optimize inventory levels and reduce excess stock with real-time insights provided by Orders and AssetsAI. Enhance operational efficiency and keep your inventory at its most profitable levels.

Why Choose ResellerOS for Your Enterprise?

  • Boosted Sales Efficiency: ResellerOS empowers your sales team to work smarter, not harder. Automate repetitive tasks and focus on building meaningful relationships with clients, driving remarkable sales efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Personalized quotes and streamlined processes lead to superior customer experiences. ResellerOS helps you cater to your clients’ unique needs, fostering loyalty and repeat business.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Make data-driven decisions with confidence. ResellerOS provides valuable insights into your sales performance, helping you optimize your strategies and outperform the competition.
  • Error-Free Operations: Eliminate costly manual errors and ensure accurate quotes, deal registrations, and order processing. ResellerOS safeguards your reputation as a reliable and professional enterprise.

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