Streamline Your Reseller Quoting Process and Increase Your Revenue Potential With QuoteAI

You spend countless hours generating quotes for products from multiple vendors. You struggle to keep up with rebate management and hardware replacement opportunities. Re-keying data into Salesforce to generate your reseller quotes is inefficient and can lead to errors.

With QuoteAI for Resellers, you’ll leverage the power of machine learning to automate the quoting process as much as possible, across any vendor, without needing to integrate with vendors’ systems.

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Machine Learning Assisted Quoting Saves You Time And Puts You In Control

With QuoteAI, you can:

  • Convert quotes from vendors into a customer quote in your CRM automatically, without rekeying data
  • Easily update quoted prices using flexible pricing rules
  • Instantly validate quoted prices against pricing thresholds (including government contracts)
  • View quoted profit margins by product, product category, and vendor
  • Flag products that qualify for vendor rebates automatically and calculate potential rebate amounts
  • Identify customers whose current assets are nearing their end of life, to drive replacement sales and upsell revenue

QuoteAI can be set up in days and requires little to no training for new sales reps. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other CRM and ERP systems.

Increase rebate revenue, gain visibility into end-of-life hardware replacement opportunities, ensure adherence to negotiated pricing, and maintain tighter margin control for more profitable business.

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Streamline Your Reseller quoting process and increase your revenue potential with QuoteAI.