Industry Solutions

Delivering vertical expertise that enables transformative solutions

Rainmaker’s Industry Leads focus on addressing the key pain points of an industry where they have been a leader; not simply as a consultant but as an operator, an executive, or an investor.

Our Industry Leads help accelerate time-to-value on the platform by identifying areas where we can have the most impact on your operations in the shortest amount of time.

Software and SaaS

Accelerate sales growth by aligning marketing, direct and channel sales, revenue operations, and customer success in a seamless platform. We help SaaS companies accelerate annual recurring revenue (ARR) through best practices honed over nearly 20 years of SaaS digital transformation projects.

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Rainmaker's Software and SaaS
VARs and System Integration

VARS and Systems Integration

Seamlessly integrate sales, marketing, service delivery, vendor/alliance management, and customer support to drive profitable growth. For nearly 20 years we’ve worked with VARs and SIs to enable them to overcome the unique challenges associated with reselling vendor solutions.

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Financial Services

Financial services firms understand that building trust is the key to transforming customer relationships. We help empower your relationship managers to advise, advocate for, and manage clients by integrating powerful insights into Salesforce, making it easier to for them to build trust with your clients.

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Government Contracting

To be competitive in the government contracting sector requires the right agency intelligence to identify pursuits, expert relationship management, orchestrated capture planning, and the ability to manage contracts for optimal performance. We’ve been working with government contractors – defense contractors, resellers, and systems integrators – for over 15 years and we understand how to enable your success.

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Digital Media and Publishing

Manage product dependencies that drive workflows, sales processes, revenue forecasting, and booked revenue through configurable forecast logic that spreads out delivery of impressions, clicks, or revenue recognizable deliverables over time.

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Digital Media and Publishing
Rainmaker's Manufacturing Process Solutions


Align sales and operations to drive S&OP processes, improve on-time delivery (OTD) and reduce costs and inefficiencies in the supply chain. We help manufacturers envision and deliver on a future where the intelligence of your ERP powers your sales engine to optimize profits.

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