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About Us

Idea Experts For Business Solutions With Salesforce.com

Rainmaker, a proven leader in cloud technology enablement, helps companies accelerate growth, overcome critical business challenges and achieve success by leveraging cloud platforms and solutions. Since 2002, Rainmaker has partnered with thousands of commercial enterprises and non-profits to rapidly transform their businesses, utilizing platforms such as Salesforce.com, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, and many more SaaS solution providers.

The Rainmaker Mindset

We believe technology can be used to transform business – improving operations, and driving efficiency and profitability. This kind of transformation doesn’t come in a box; rather it’s a natural product of our relationship with our customers, our discovery process, and our breadth of experience from industry-specific knowledge, to tools and insights.

We understand how critical technology can be to your business so we strategize, communicate and then execute cloud-based solutions that fit right and wow you from the get go. Every solution is based on best practices and proven deployments for optimal outcomes with lowered risk.

Our client-centric approach means our customer’s unique needs, business style and environment are at the forefront of all we do. Discover your clear solution, cloud powered today.

A small sample of clients that Rainmaker has delivered success to on the Salesforce platform.

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