Is Your Deal Registration Process Overwhelming? Rainmaker’s DealRegAI for Resellers Helps You Take Control.

If you are a reseller, then you know that deal registration is essential to your business. You also know that deal registration doesn’t scale well as you grow.

  • You have an ever-expanding list of vendors, opportunities, and deals
  • You must adapt to a continually evolving and changing registration requirements
  • You need to track approvals across tens or even hundreds of deals

It takes a lot of resources to manage deal registrations at scale, and scale starts when you have more than a dozen vendors. It can be expensive due to complexity of the problem and a lack of reseller-centered tools for automating the process. Most reseller organizations don’t have systems for easily tracking and submitting multiple vendor registrations in a deal, so a lot of deals go unregistered by reps, leaving money on the table in the form of higher margins, rebates and other incentives like marketing development funds.

The lack of tools and processes in place prevents resellers from being able to measure key performance indicators about deal registration, leaving them unable to drive more effective engagement with the most profitable vendors.

DealRegAI Is Built for Resellers

Rainmaker’s DealRegAI is designed as the first-ever application specifically for resellers, to enable centrally managed vendor registration programs efficiently and at scale, leveraging CRM deal data.

With DealRegAI, resellers benefit from:

  • Streamlined processes from deal registration to entry into the portal and management of registration status
  • On-demand progress reporting for all internal stakeholders including sales, sales leadership, alliances and partner managers, and sales engineers
  • Key performance analytics available to help guide investments of time and resources in vendor relationships

Best of all, DealRegAI from Rainmaker requires no back-end Salesforce administration, so your business can adapt quickly to changes in vendor program and deal registration requirements, without involving IT.

Managing deal registrations is a critical factor to building strong vendor relationships that result in greater status, higher margins, more strategic relationships, better deal protections, and more shared opportunities to pursue. Find out how you can start using DealRegAI today to manage and grow your reseller deals.