Ensuring Continuity During Salesforce Admin Transition

Rainmaker’s Admin Bridge provides a hedge against the disruption of admin turnover by providing a seamless backup strategy for knowledge transfer, the ability to find and hire quickly, and continuity for in-flight projects and initiatives.

Based on nearly two decades of work with 100s of clients facing unexpected admin turnover, we’ve developed a holistic approach to helping you make the most of the time you have left with an outgoing admin, managing the transition, admin hiring, or up-skilling team members.

Let Rainmaker help your organization maintain momentum during admin transition with a seamless backup strategy.

Find out how Admin Bridge can secure your operations across every stage of the Salesforce lifecycle.

Stabilize Your Ability to Serve
Your Salesforce Users

Accelerate Time-to-Value
For Your New Admin

Enable Your Admin
To Scale and Innovate

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy

We get to work on a plan to maintain the critical knowledge that often walks out the door when your admin leaves.

Org Lab

Evaluate the health of your org and build a backlog of high-value next steps you can take to be more effective.


Develop a Runbook for your org so that new admin team members can become effective more quickly.


Centralize your backlog with Rainmaker Connect and put the pieces in place to establish better control over evolving your organization.

Developer Support

Support your admin in bringing your best ideas to life each month, to drive more value on the platform.

Train for Certification

Attend hands-on training to prepare for certification in Admin, Sales, Service, Marketing, or other clouds.

Always On

Leverage a team of experts for feedback, planning, and scoping of projects, or to handle the functional things you can’t get to, on an adhoc or ongoing basis.


Leverage high-impact, low cost accelerators that transform key business processes from hassles to high velocity.

Custom Training

Develop a rigorous, hands-on training program specific to your org, to make new joiners more effective, faster.