Optimize Your Salesforce Platform and Boost ROI by 8X with OrgLab Health Check

Struggling with an inefficient Salesforce platform can hold back your sales team’s productivity. A suboptimal system can cost valuable time and resources, increase frustration, and affect user adoption.

Rainmaker’s OrgLab Health Check provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your Salesforce infrastructure and delivers actionable recommendations for better efficiencies and increased productivity.

Salesforce reports that using a well-optimized CRM can lead to better business outcomes for your team.

  • A potential 29% increase in sales
  • Up to 42% improvement in sales forecasting accuracy
  • A 34% boost in sales productivity

Our experienced Business Analyst and Business/Tech Architect will perform a targeted and holistic assessment across five key areas of your Salesforce platform to identify gaps and recommend mitigation strategies.

  • Architecture and Security
  • Process Automation
  • Data Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • User Experience

Rainmaker Can Help You Optimize a More Productive Platform and Drive Better User Adoption

Unlock Even Greater Salesforce Productivity For Your Sales Team

With up to 50% of organizations experiencing Salesforce adoption issues due to insufficient optimization, it’s essential to ensure your platform is optimized for maximum productivity and success.

When you optimize your Salesforce platform with OrgLab Health Check you’ll get comprehensive recommendations for improving your Salesforce platform, including:

  • Identifying and prioritizing high-impact areas for improvement
  • Streamlining sales processes with automations and integrations for efficiency
  • Improving data quality and consistency for more accurate and reliable information
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics to identify trends and guide decision-making

Don’t let an inefficient Salesforce platform hold you back.

Spend 15 minutes with Rainmaker to find out how you can optimize your Salesforce platform, improve productivity, and have happier salespeople.

OrgLab Health Check for Salesforce