Dramatically Transform The User Experience In Salesforce Lightning, Reducing Wasted Navigation By Up To 70%!

Salesforce related lists don’t provide users with the tools they need to manage and work efficiently with their data. Related lists provide limited display options, lack tools for surfacing the right records within a list, and they cause users to click in and out of records to edit them, one at a time.

All of this adds up to a user experience that gets in the way of maintaining clean, meaningful, actionable data!

Give users in every role the tools they need to work smarter and produce better data.

Supercharged Related Lists from Rainmaker gives Salesforce users a more flexible and easier to use related list functionality with access to all of the data in your records. The Supercharged Related List Lightning web component removes the standard limitations and provides users with a view of every field in related records within an object, making it easier for you to manage your data.

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A Better User Experience Starts with Better Supercharged Related Lists for Salesforce

Supercharged Related Lists for Salesforce makes related list data actionable, consumable, and editable, saving your business time and resources.

  • Eliminate up to 70% of unnecessary navigation by enabling users to easily find and edit records directly in related lists.

  • Create list views on related lists to retrieve key records quickly, displaying any or all fields on the related object.

  • Drive higher data quality and reliability by transforming every related list from view-only to actionable, with filtering, sorting, searching and spreadsheet-like bulk edit capabilities.

  • Apply a single edit to one or more related records, just like in enhanced views.Eliminate up to 70% of unnecessary navigation by editing individual or bulk records directly in a related list for a more flexible and efficient user experience.

Users can access any field – or every field – from a related list, without Salesforce platform imposed limits, and without admin support.

Find and take action on data without having to drill into a record to see details or update it. Streamline deal updates, activity tracking, managing contact roles, or any data related to accounts, deals, or projects without unnecessary navigation. View and update any or all details in a single related list on any object. Every Salesforce user can edit data where it lives, find meaningful data with less navigation, and stop using reports and views to do basic data maintenance with Supercharged Related Lists.sers can access any field – or every field – from a related list, without Salesforce platform imposed limits.

Better User Capabilities with Unlimited Fields, List Views, and Customization

With Supercharged Related List for Salesforce, users can build a related list for any item related to the object in a record, even if it isn’t on the standard page layout. Add, edit, or delete records and fields in your list individually or in bulk. With flexible search, sort and filter functionality, you’ll save time and access the information you need without flipping screens, building more lists or making more Admin requests.

Users get a better user experience with more flexibility and customization options than with standard related list functionality.

  • Access unlimited fields and list views within related lists
  • View, search, sort and filter record details without leaving the view all screen
  • Add, edit, and delete records individually or in bulk

Supercharged Related Lists component empowers you to work smarter, not harder, with less frustration and more flexibility. See your data exactly how you need it with the ability to customize any or all fields in a record, giving you complete control over your data. More easily keep your data up to date. Save time and reduce admin requests, so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Unlock the full potential of Salesforce with Rainmaker’s Supercharged Related Lists.

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