Workflow Rules and Process Builders to Salesforce Flows

Rainmaker is a Salesforce Ridge Partner

Convert Workflow Rules and Process Builders

We can help convert Workflow Rules and Process Builders (both are automation) to Flows. Salesforce is retiring Workflow Rules and Process Builders, and all will become Flows. With our conversion tool, you can improve productivity and revenues by making the most of Salesforce with new automation or by ensuring that old automation still executes.

The conversion tool within Salesforce is not perfect in transforming your Workflow Rules and Process Builders into Flows. However, our team of experts is always on hand to ensure that the automation executes in the right order and that the flow is configured correctly to compensate for each of the old automation tools.

When Workflow Rules and Process Builders are retired:

  1. You can no longer create new Workflow Rules and Process Builders
  2. You can only modify and edit existing ones
  3. You can no longer execute them; Flows will replace them

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