Can Salesforce Media Cloud Be Your Revenue Generating Machine?

In 2002, watching a movie meant driving to a Blockbuster or Movie Gallery, renting a VHS or DVD, watching it on a CRT television set, then driving back to the video store to return it (hopefully, you remembered to be kind and rewind).

Today, consuming media looks radically different than it did a few short decades ago. While a few legacy video stores and Redbox kiosks are still in business, today’s consumers are more likely to watch a movie on their phone than to rent a DVD. With the meteoric rise of the subscription economy and the prevalence of streaming services, consumers expect to access media quickly, conveniently, and intuitively.

Salesforce Media Cloud holds the key to managing your media sales. Taking advantage of the new ways people consume media requires new tools, and Salesforce’s cloud-based platform has you covered. Salesforce integration experts at Rainmaker can help your organization manage your Salesforce services to make upgrading your media strategy as seamless and effortless as possible.

Welcome to Salesforce Media Cloud

While you could call Salesforce a jack of all trades, it would be unfair to call it a master of none. Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM vendor, with over four times the market share of its nearest competitor. Salesforce dedicates itself to helping businesses find, convert, and satisfy customers, so what makes it so good at what it does?

Salesforce is unique from other platforms because they focus on a holistic view of the customer relationship. From their sales, marketing, and service products, they help businesses create a unified view of their customers, vendors, and products. This 360 view of business helps decision-makers contextualize data and gain timely insights based on quickly changing information.

Salesforce’s Media Cloud includes two products: Advertising Sales Management, which helps businesses execute advertising campaigns across advertising channels, and Subscriber Lifecycle Management, which helps businesses manage media subscription services. With the combined power of Advertising Sales Management and Subscriber Lifecycle Management, Salesforce Media Cloud is a powerful asset for media businesses.

Self-Service Experience

Here are two statistics:

First, 40% of consumers prefer self-service over human contact.

Second, 55% of consumers find self-service portals difficult to use.

In concert, these two statistics communicate an unfortunate reality: many users want a self-service experience but aren’t satisfied with the self-service channels available to them.

In Salesforce Media Cloud, self-service looks like intuitive subscriber acquisition, flexible products and enrollment options, and access to knowledge bases and community forums. Salesforce Subscriber Lifecycle Management allows consumers to view and purchase subscription options, troubleshoot issues with a knowledge base, and access your customer service tools when needed.

Consumers use many channels for self-service, but the web remains the most popular.

360 View for Customer Service

One of the difficulties with traditional platforms is that information from one area of an organization can take a long time to reach other areas. The process of collecting information from various areas, translating it into comparable data, and communicating it concisely but completely can take organizations so long that by the time they decide, the data is already outdated.

Salesforce fixes this problem by giving organizations a 360 view of their customer service. As part of their larger 360 views of revenue, advertising, budgeting, etc., their 360 customer service gives organizations insight into the complete history of a customer: their past customer service issues, their order history, their cross-channel opportunities, their contact information, etc. so that customer service representatives can assist them efficiently and productively without scrambling for information.

Customer 360 can turn a frustrating aspect of conducting business into an opportunity for upsales and cross-channel promotion. Instead of customer service being unavoidable, turn customer service into a leveraged opportunity to strengthen your customer base and forge long-lasting relationships.

Salesforce Customer 360 provides a comprehensive view of every customer relationship aspect

Converged Ad Platform

On the Advertising Sales Management side of Salesforce Media Cloud, its converged ad platform allows advertisers to see their ad inventory across all channels.

Advertising is not one-size-fits-all. Ads can take many different shapes and forms for different organizations, different channels within organizations, and different customers within channels. Comparing billboards to Spotify ads can feel like comparing apples to oranges, and managing the advertising budgets, schedules, and inventories of ads across the growing list of ad channels can be a full-time job in and of itself.

Salesforce delivers a converged ad platform that helps businesses manage their ads across multiple channels. Serendipitously, one of the fastest-growing advertising channels is media streaming, so whether you’re an advertiser looking for a better way to manage your ad inventory or a media company looking for a better way to manage your streaming service, Salesforce has you covered.


The digital transformation of the media industry can be a bit of a Pandora’s box. While technology and connectivity have made media more accessible and prevalent, it has also made it more complex. Thankfully, new tools are emerging every day to help organizations manage this emergent complexity.

Salesforce is one of those tools, and one of the ways they help organizations manage complexity is through automation. As a CRM, Salesforce empowers businesses to automate follow-up emails, intelligently recognize trends, and customize chatbots for the specific needs of your users.

Salesforce also helps organizations with marketing automation by automating ad sales through its Advertising Sales Management platform.

How Rainmaker Can Help

Salesforce is a juggernaut in CRM, and for good reason. It has a well-rounded collection of products that offer solutions for every industry. This variety is both a boon and a curse, though, because while Salesforce’s Media Cloud tools can help businesses with their advertising and subscription management, knowing where to start is daunting.

That’s where Rainmaker can help. Rainmaker’s Salesforce managed services give businesses access to a team of experts in Salesforce integration so that the complicated technical process of incorporating Salesforce into your operations can be as pain-free as possible.

If you’re ready to upgrade your media with Salesforce Media Cloud, see how Rainmaker can help by scheduling a meeting to learn more.

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