So You Need A Salesforce Consultant 

Every business owner faces the same struggle: improving your bottom line by maximizing ROI without extravagant spending. Customers and clients are your business’s lifeblood, and consistent business growth depends on a successful customer success strategy. The most crucial aspect of this strategy is a robust system to provide a single, comprehensive view of all customer-related data. 

Salesforce’s robust features, functionalities, and ever-evolving ecosystem have the ability to help businesses develop and execute on growth strategies. While Salesforce’s cloud-based platform is generally considered easy to use and has global acceptance, the challenge isn’t in choosing Salesforce; the challenge lies in implementation. 

Optimizing Your Organization 

Salesforce is more than just a great way to organize contacts. But tapping into its potential comes with a notable hurdle: successful, optimized implementation requires a specialized skill set few outside of dedicated Salesforce consultants have the time and resources to acquire. 

Why Salesforce

Tackling everything from managing customer interactions and carrying out successful marketing campaigns to data reporting and analysis, Salesforce offers essential insight. It helps you optimize vital business processes needing an overhaul through a platform that’s designed for sales, marketing, and customer services best practices, with the flexibility to be tailored to your unique business. 

Adding Value With a Salesforce Consultant

Most organizations who implement Salesforce face a common challenge: successfully optimizing the platform to deliver maximum ROI.

Businesses thrive when their workers know what is expected of them and how to execute. By providing tools and processes that reinforce those expectations, they are more fulfilled and successful. 

Salesforce helps create an alignment and leadership framework by identifying and clarifying goals and then clearly communicating them to your entire organization. Partnering with a Salesforce consultant can help you identify what is important to your organization and clarify the best way to achieve it. They can also help you identify and navigate difficulties currently preventing you from advancing, by’

  • Providing in-depth analysis of current tech and process assets, CRM and other tools, and usage reports to identify project gaps; 
  • Creating a list of priorities, goals, project timeframes, and problems to be resolved by leveraging the Salesforce platform.

A Salesforce consultant can also help you define what achieving your goals will look like once you’ve arrived, something too many organizations overlook. 

Understanding your vision for what you hope to achieve is critical. It’s like driving a car — whatever your eyes are focusing on is where you’ll end up. If you don’t have an exact understanding of where you want to take your organization, you’ll never get there.

Better Business Through Automation

A CRM platform helps you generate and engage customers at scale, which means you may have more leads and customers than you could reasonably handle manually.  This is where automation plays a critical role; enabling you to automate repetitive tasks, reducing manual steps in a process, and even helping you communicate the right messages at the right time.

Workflow and Approvals, Process Builder, or Flow Builder Configuration are just some of the Salesforce tools supporting that automation process.

And Salesforce’s Sales and Service Consoles make managing multiple tasks simpler and more straightforward while taking less time, crucial for completing time-sensitive projects or those dependent on other events within your operational framework. 

Sales and Marketing Development

User training, custom sales process design, marketing automation strategy and campaign ROI reporting are just some of the tools your Salesforce consultant can contribute to increase sales and marketing efforts and boost ROI.

Increase Productivity

Salesforce optimization benefits every part of your organization by eliminating common challenges associated with managing business processes across multiple platforms. No more backlogs or halted workflows.

Project Success Roadmaps

Developing a project roadmap means strategically aligning your business goals and objectives with Salesforce capabilities. It’s your guide to doing the right things at the right time for the best results. 

A Salesforce roadmap helps you budget accurately, create organization-wide transparency, and work on future-proofing your business by identifying business goals, challenges, growth plans, and related automation  priorities. 

But it really doesn’t stop there. 

What you get out of Salesforce comes down to what you put into its optimization. 

Partnering with a Salesforce consultant can help you avoid common obstacles, often overlooked by new users. These can include committing to timelines too specific for completion and seeking solutions before you fully understand the problem. A Salesforce consultant can help keep you focused on targeted goals and prevent outside influences from distracting your decision-making process.

If you’re looking for ways to maximize ROI, help with technical issues, need a fresh perspective and industry expertise, managed services–or a combination of all three–the Salesforce consultants at Rainmaker can help. Part Salesforce specialist, part strategist, part managed service consultant, our superpower is simple: being what you need, when and where you need it.

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