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With over 3,000 published apps, it’s a challenge trying to research the best Salesforce apps on the AppExchange. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed especially if you’re still wrapping your head around the exceptional things Salesforce can do. It has a wide range of apps and software integrations that improve, expand, and complement its functionality.

For the end-user, it might be pretty easy to get lost in the pool of apps, even with the AppExchange being highly intuitive and user friendly. But don’t fret. We’ve scoured the Salesforce AppExchange for the top-rated, most popular, free apps, and prepared a comprehensive list of the best six.

Enjoy these free upgrades.

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

Let’s face it, change is hard and managing change is even more challenging. Imagine if you had an information store, readily available, to give you an overview of the most important metrics responsible for your organization’s current changes?

The Salesforce Adoption Dashboards provide visibility to relevant user login and behavior, adoption of the top productivity-enhancing Salesforce features, as well as important metrics that are most critical to the organization’s current changes and adoption of those and other variables critical to your mission.

With this tool, executives and key stakeholders can create a range of powerful dashboards and reports for sales, marketing, and services teams. The tool is a great starting point for organizations that require better reporting without spending time starting from scratch.

Field Trip

Unpopulated fields in your Salesforce dashboard can lead to confusion, skewed reports, and make basic admin tasks more cumbersome than they need to be.

Ringlead Field Trip allows you to analyze both standard and custom fields on any object, giving you the actual number of records every field is populated in including the percentage of accounts that have that specific field populated.

With this tool, you can identify unused fields in an organization to help manage debt that results from years of use, changes to requirements, or poor/non-existent Salesforce governance framework. Additionally, you will be able to identify which of your fields can be removed to improve the overall health of the Salesforce data and ensure a clutter-free org.

Rollup Helper

Roll up any information in Salesforce with a couple of clicks and no coding required. Rollup Helper is used to count, min, max, sum, avg, text, percent, formula, and multi-currency roll-ups on any Salesforce data. It provides rollups using master-detail or lookup relationship even for custom objects.

Whether your data is in standard or custom objects, Rollup Helper will help you get actionable real-time data for your business processes. Additionally, this tool allows you to create mission-critical reports for your most complex roll up scenarios and trigger intelligent data-driven workflows. Rollup Helper’s user functionality makes it an ideal Salesforce productivity tool for organizations that want to quickly create custom rollup filters that allow them to segment data to fit their needs.


Mailchimp is one of the biggest success stories when it comes to email marketing software and marketing automation platforms. The Salesforce integration takes email marketing to a whole new level. You can import email campaign metrics such as open rate and click-through rate into your CRM contact list and create a seamless sales and marketing strategy supported by real-time data.

One of the interesting features of this tool is the ability to add a Visualforce component to your Contact records, allowing you to track interactions with your marketing emails. You can also monitor your campaigns without leaving Salesforce, saving your team the time that might be lost switching between tools.

Dataloader is a powerful cloud-based platform designed to help organizations securely map, export, import, and delete information from Salesforce records. With simple mapping fields, you can easily perform basic operations on your data, to ensure it’s providing valuable insights to your team.

Admins can schedule data tasks and automatically import or export info on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Managers can use the tool to view audit history and utilize the search functionality to locate specific information in the database, for cleanup. is designed for all business sizes with the capability of streamlining data entry processes across the Salesforce database.

LEX Ideas from Rainmaker

Last but not least, you can find the LEX Ideas from Rainmaker app on the AppExchange free of charge.

LEX Ideas is a free Lightning enabled Salesforce Ideas management app allowing customers to continue their efforts capturing Employee, Customer and Channel Ideas in Lightning.

New features such as Teams foster more collaboration in your Ideas development. The transition to lightning allows for the use of Kanban to manage your Salesforce Ideas process.

Support for zones, communities, up and down votes, categorization, flexible communication, security and customization.

Download LEX Ideas today from AppExchange today!

Wrapping Up!

Salesforce is an exceptional CRM platform and businesses have a lot to gain from its flexibility and extensibility, by taking advantage of what the AppExchange has to offer. Naturally, this is just the tip of the iceberg, given the number of listings on the AppExchange, so let us know if you’re looking for anything in particular and we’d be happy to lend our perspective. 

The tools on this list are a few of the ones that can help you deliver more business value on the platform by extending its capabilities (for free) and keeping things clean and well-maintained; one of the biggest drivers of long-term value for any organization. 

Have questions on how to get started? Drop us a line today!

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