Midwest Manufacturing Technology Case Study

Manufacturing Technology Case Study: Midwest Industrial Supply

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. (Midwest) is the world leader in environmentally sound dust control, erosion control, and soil stabilization technology. This world-leading manufacturing company used cloud manufacturing technology to improve their sales process.


To centralize the management and tracking of key business activities

  • No formal process for lead scoring or routing

  • Management of accounts and channel partner was difficult without a centralized location for related data

  • Need to close the loop with post sales and service

  • Executive reports and forecast were time consuming, not in real-time


Designed manufacturing technology deployed via Salesforce

  • Leveraged multi-level lead/project assignment rules based on industry/product knowledge and experience

  • Incorporate the sales and project quoting process into the CRM

  • Deployed forecasting and management dashboards

  • Incorporated international partners, distributors, rep agencies as accounts

  • Migrated data from Goldmine and provided integration with Great Plains and Outlook


One central source of data, integration of processes, actionable metrics for manufacturing technology

  • Captured the entire sales process and key activities

  • Incorporated quoting directly from the CRM

  • Generated critical management data related to pipeline and forecasting

  • Increased channel visibility

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