Rockwell Collins

Rainmaker tailored, redefined, and optimized the ARINCDirect℠’s quoting process to meet the unique demands of sales reps.

Rockwell Collins is a Fortune 500 aerospace systems supplier that provides highly effective and dynamic solutions for both commercial and military customers around the globe. Its ARINCDirect℠ Flight Support Services Group focuses its efforts around business jets, offering a comprehensive selection of solutions and support for streamlining the complex tasks that operators must handle – from flight planning to maintenance.


To meet the unique CPQ demands of ARINCDirect℠ sales reps

  • Sales reps could not set up multiple products or services from within one opportunity
  • Complementary product add-ons were not visible in the system
  • Minimum quantities were not required on the products that needed them
  • The approval process for corporate discounts was time-consuming
  • Quotes varied by sender, in both appearance and content


Tailored, redefined, and optimized ARINCDirect℠’s quoting process

  • Completed a discovery and strategy process with the ARINCDirect℠ group
  • Defined pain points and requirements for the implementation project
  • Tailored a solution to meet their specific needs
  • Redefined and optimized ARINCDirect℠’s quoting process so that the group could realize true SFDC benefits


An efficient, accurate, and consistent CPQ process.

  • Eliminated manual entry by creating a visual flow that allows multiple aircraft to be linked to one opportunity
  • Introduced a guided selling piece that is scalable, guaranteeing that no add-ons are ever overlooked again
  • Instituted validation rules to maintain order minimums, when required
  • Made discounts default to a set amount in the system, with approval processes in place to certify that discount exceptions are reviewed and accepted by management before a quote is sent
  • Generated a quoting solution that bundles the proper content into one document, ensuring the format and verbiage are the same – regardless of the sender


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