Kearney & Company

Founded in 1985, Kearney & Company is a premier CPA firm focused exclusively on the Federal Government and providing services across the financial management spectrum. Kearney and its staff play a key national role as the Independent Auditors of the U.S State Department, and therefore strive for excellence in service to both clients and partners.


A deprecated case management system caused delays and reduced employee satisfaction

  • Staff had scaled faster than company resources

  • Fragmented storage of case files prevented easy cooperation between departments

  • Lack of central organization caused confusion and unnecessary delays over benign operations

  • Deployment on a local area network prevented staff from accessing work resources off company premises


Rainmaker launched a digital transformation using custom tools for SFDC, including

  • A centralized mechanism for HR, Accounting, Facilities and Security to manage employee requests

  • An internal homepage for Kearney employees and management to act as the launching pad for future apps

  • A knowledge/support base continuously updated from past cases to expedite future requests

  • Report/dashboards to aid management in quickly accessing important information


Operations at K&C quickly improved and employee satisfaction increased

  • Company reports a satisfactory resolution to internal organization problems

  • Employees now use the new system to collaborate with other employees and correspond with management

  • Accessibility over a secure Internet protocol enabled staff to work remotely

  • Productivity increased by automation of tedious processes such as assignment-tracking and follow-up


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