Salesforce Advertising Sales Management: The Definitive Guide

As advertisers are adding new channels and strategies to their playbooks, the pace of business has many organizations running at full speed just to keep up. Juggling these tools and platforms can be a headache, but Salesforce Advertising Sales Management brings a new converged platform that can revolutionize how you approach ad sales.

With the help of Rainmaker, Salesforce’s media platform is packed with powerful tools to help you do more than just keep up with the rapidly-evolving world of advertising—Salesforce Advertising Sales Management is here to help you thrive.

Modern Challenges of Advertising Sales

Each step forward in technology brings with it a new list of challenges. In advertising, technology has led to massive steps forward as social media, ad targeting, and digital video have opened up new universes of possibility for advertisers. However, these opportunities have brought new challenges advertisers wouldn’t have even dreamed of a generation ago.

1. Heterogeneous Systems 

Advertising started with newspaper advertising in 1704. It was nearly a century before advertisers started using billboards. Within another century, Sears started using direct mail advertising. 

100 years ago, companies first started advertising using the radio. In the following years, advertisers began using television, product placement, targeted internet ads, digital video, webinars, and sponsored social media posts. By the time you could complete a list, advertisers would have invented new channels. 

Having heterogeneous systems with different budgets, timelines, audiences, etc., is essential for a successful marketing campaign but also creates challenges in administration and management. Salesforce Advertising Sales Management is a unified platform to make these heterogeneous systems manageable. 

2. Operational Inefficiency

As a byproduct of the quantity and complexity of your sales channels, redundant and repetitive work is unavoidable.

Automation is a powerful tool to increase operational efficiency. Marketing automation takes manual processes that consume valuable time and turn them into digital processes. For example, Salesforce can automate ad sales to suit your campaign’s needs so that you can set up your process once and let the automated system carry out the details on your behalf. 

AI is another powerful tool to increase operational efficiency. AI tools like Salesforce Einstein help organizations increase productivity, gain customer insights, and prioritize ad campaigns based on data that would take humans far too long to analyze manually. Advertising sales management allows organizations to tap into these AI and automation tools to increase their operational efficiency and boost their bottom line. 

What Is Salesforce Advertising Sales Management?

Salesforce Advertising Sales Management is a new converged platform built on Salesforce Media Cloud.

Salesforce Media Cloud helps businesses manage media products for both B2B and B2C media experiences. The strength of Media Cloud is that it allows organizations to personalize what they call the “content journey” across all venues with a unified, agile platform.

Built on that Media Cloud foundation, Advertising Sales Management applies those strengths to ad sales by combining tools like Einstein AI and Customer Relationship Management to advertising-specific features like CPQ pricing, contract lifecycle management, and real-time pacing updates.

Advertising Sales Management takes the most technical and time-consuming aspects of advertising and harnesses the power of Salesforce’s unified platform to streamline your ad sales process, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture. Salesforce designed Advertising Sales Management to balance in-depth features and hands-off management, so you get the best of both worlds: an advertising sales management platform that delivers detailed analytics, sophisticated AI recommendations, and deeply customizable campaign options while automating as much of the process as possible.

Using Salesforce Advertising Sales Management’s converged platform provides advertisers with a single view of truth, letting decision-makers see up-to-date information about budgets, schedules, and performance from one unified source.

Salesforce Advertising Sales Management covers a broad range of functions

Advertising Sales Management Workflow

Salesforce Advertising Sales Management’s workflow is notable because it rolls several steps of the advertising sales workflow into one.

As with any campaign, the workflow begins with a brand brief, including audience, budget, and timeline information. The brand then sends that brief and an RFP (Request For Proposal) to a publisher, who uses that information to find their target audience across multiple systems using Advertising Sales Management.

From there, you can manage the implementation of the campaign from the Advertising Sales Management platform all the way from scheduling to billing to analytics. The benefit of a converged platform like Advertising Sales Management is that it covers both the planning and measuring activities of ad sales.

Salesforce’s Customer 360 integrated CRM platform provides a customer-centric view of your customer data. Without these tools, managing this data would be nearly impossible, and turning that data into meaningful insights would be even harder, but with Salesforce Media Cloud and the tools built on it like Advertising Sales Management, planning and measuring your campaigns is a breeze.

The benefit of using Salesforce’s platform is that it gives you access to many modules and components. Salesforce Media Cloud is a converged platform that coordinates information from various channels and consolidates it into a single view of truth. This allows advertisers to manage everything from campaign pacing to promotional pricing from one central platform.

Combine modules across the Salesforce platform to maximize your ROI

How Rainmaker Can Help

Salesforce brings all the processes necessary to manage an ad campaign under one roof, so there’s only one piece missing from the puzzle: your organization.

That’s where Rainmaker saves the day. Rainmaker’s team of experts specializes in Salesforce-managed services and is ready to take the guesswork out of your Salesforce integration journey.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your advertising sales management, see how Rainmaker can help you get started with Salesforce by scheduling a meeting with one of their Salesforce managed service experts today!

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