Are You Making the Most of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

With 14.1% of global market share in cloud-based digital marketing platforms – beating nearest rival Abode by 2.1% total market share – Salesforce Marketing Cloud dominates the world of digital marketing enhancement. The platform offers a deep variety of features, and even tech-savvy organizations need time to become handy and versed in each. In this guide, you’ll learn what the nine features of Marketing Cloud can do to improve your overall marketing reach and effectiveness.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud features.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a suite of cloud-based marketing tools designed to connect partitioned systems and discrete interactions across channels to enable faster and more personalized connections with customers. Integrating customer data from the entirety of your data ecosystem, the platform uses intuitive, no-code interfaces to facilitate marketing visibility and customer understanding. 

The 9 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

To get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you should familiarize yourself with its nine distinct features and audit your use to see if your teams are applying all the best tools available to them. 

1. Journey Builder

Journey Builder is Marketing Cloud’s tool for creating customer journey maps– diagrams illustrating the touchpoints potential customers pass through from first contact to purchase. Journey Builder allows users to create comprehensive journey maps in an intuitive no-code interface. With Journey Builder, you can track customer progress across all relevant channels, such as:

  • Ad Clicks
  • Emails Opened
  • Mobile and Web Visits
  • Social Media Interactions

With visibility into your customers’ journeys, you can turn your customer data – browsing habits, preferences, purchase history, and other feedback – into a personalized connection for establishing one-on-one relationships. 

In Marketing Cloud, all users who interact with customers directly throughout your organization – in sales, marketing, and customer service – can see customer journey data in a customer’s unified profile. Access to this personalized representation brings alignment to customer experiences at all touchpoints. 

2. Email Studio

Email Studio helps marketers reach larger, more targeted audiences with more effective content. Using a drag-and-drop interface, users can segment and filter millions of customer profiles in seconds. Email Studio scales personalized content seamlessly with access to the full range of customer data stored in unique profiles. 

Users can automate multiple campaign-building tasks by creating reusable content blocks that can retain text, HTML, images, buttons, and dynamic content. Marketers can use content blocks for A/B testing and view automatically generated performance reports for content enhancement. 

3. Data Studio

Data Studio gives users access to a rich database of premium Salesforce data for discovering new, high-quality audiences. With built-in compliance controls and a trusted reputation among large retailers, Data Studio helps organizations connect with potential partners for data sharing agreements. An intuitive set of data provisioning tools also give you tight control over what data you share and what you store privately. 

4. Social Studio

Social media content automation has become an indispensable tool for keeping up with the pace and quality of content creation and management. Market Cloud’s Social Studio is the Salesforce answer to the challenges of maintaining an effective social media presence. 

Social Studio provides a single interface hub for real-time customizable collaboration in all channels. The Salesforce platform creates omnichannel visibility and mobility by routing all social media data to a single destination. Your marketing teams can connect in this space to schedule content delivery and analyze performance trends as they emerge. 

5. Datorama 

Salesforce Datorama interface.

Datorama is Marketing Cloud’s business intelligence tool. It combines data integration from disparate marketing sources with visualization tools to give marketers a dashboard for working on new ideas and insights. Because the apps and platforms marketers use to capture data deliver in different unparsed metrics and KPIs, having a single platform that implements custom data relationship modeling enables meaningful performance comparisons in data caches of apple and oranges. 

On the Datorama dashboard, users can automatically apply the InstaBrand tool to align bulk content with brand guidelines. In an intuitive no-code interface, users only need to upload brand features such as logos, colors, lexicons, and other relevant characteristics to create brand-aligned content.

6. Advertising Studio

Marketing Cloud’s Advertising Studio contains three separate applications:

  • Advertising Audience: Connects your customer relationship management (CRM) software data with your partners’ throughout your entire data management platform (DMP)
  • Journey Builder Advertising: Makes data captured in Advertising Audience available to Journey Builder 
  • Lead Capture: Connects Facebook and Google Ads leads with other Marketing Cloud data extensions

Synchronizing these data sources helps marketers reach new potential customers at greater scales. 

7. Mobile Studio

With mobile ad spending on the rise, marketers need better-integrated tools to meet the demands of the medium. Marketing Cloud’s Mobile Studio enhances your connection with customers via mobile. With tools to automate mobile campaigns using custom templates for outbounds, email opt-in campaigns, info capture, text-response, and multimedia messages, Mobile Studio helps you reach customers with deeply personalized content in real-time via the channel of their preference. 

8. Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio monitors customers’ online behavior across platforms. In Interaction Studio, marketers can see a wide variety of digital activities, including: 

  • Browsing Patterns
  • Active-Inactive Time
  • Ad Clicks

Interaction Studio creates personalized digital experiences unique to each customer’s observed preferences and behaviors using this data. Site landing pages, blog content, and email messaging all adapt to the data streamed in Interaction Studio. 

9. Pardot 

Pardot focuses on B2B marketing automation and lead generation within Salesforce. With Pardot, you can create and track automated marketing campaigns, monitor engagement, and guide potential clients through choosing your business. Specifically, B2B marketers using Pardot can focus their time and efforts on higher-quality leads. 

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