How to Optimize Salesforce for Media Sales Reps: Top 7 Ways

So, you want to sell smarter and faster? You need a Salesforce for media sales reps solution that can grow ad revenue from anywhere. 

The difficulty advertisers face today has everything to do with being on top of trends, staying ahead of consumer demand, and managing new privacy regulations that change seemingly daily. Your team may be feeling the pressure to create more engaging ads as they face an ever-changing marketplace. 

Salesforce can increase sales productivity for your organization’s media sales teams by 80% on average. You may be looking to strengthen this strategy. Look no further. This article will cover the seven ways to optimize Salesforce for your media sales team.

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7 Ways to Optimize Salesforce for Media Sales Reps

An advertising management system requires omnichannel applications over focalizing platforms. These applications must drive action or accelerate business growth. Let’s explore how these ad management solutions can help you streamline your advertising campaigns while improving results.

1. Utilize Audience Studio for Audience Engagement

Not just for online campaigns, Audience Studio is a valuable tool that helps you create segments of potential customers based on their engagement history and characteristics. You can then use these insights in ad targeting strategies to successfully reach your desired audience with relevant messages at the right time. 

2. Design Email Campaigns using Pardot

Sales can now have an in-depth view of their customers by capturing leads. By designing email campaigns using Pardot, your team can provide marketing-approved programs. 

They can also personalize campaigns for high-value prospects so that reps can communicate at the right time while tracking engagement levels across different channels.

This feature added into Salesforce 360 allows sales teams more insight into what’s happening within customer relationships through a user-friendly interface. 

Previously, these data points were only accessible via expensive third-party software packages, but now they’re all available from inside your Salesforce CRM system. 

3. Use Salesforce Inbox for Customer Communications

With Salesforce Inbox, you have the option to view critical sales context next to relevant emails so that your CRM will stay up to date without manually entering data. With this email platform, you can now log client communications automatically and add opportunities to your dashboard with just one click. 

4. Prioritize the Right Lead Using Einstein Lead Scoring 

Lead scoring is a great way to prioritize the right lead at just the right time. With Einstein Lead Scoring, this process will help your sales team find their most valuable customers, making it easier than ever for them to work smarter, not harder, in an increasingly competitive market.

To maximize leads and increase conversion rates, take advantage of these scoring metrics, which automatically prioritizes qualified prospects when you need them by using AI-based algorithms. 

5. Develop Quotes and Price Inventory with Media Cloud 

Do this to ensure all ad space gets sold faster, enabling your business to stay on top of what’s happening in the market. That way, your team is never left wondering if an advertisement has been successful or not. With this Salesforce Add-on, you can quickly design, launch, and monetize media campaigns.

6. Guide Workflows with Experience Cloud 

Experience Cloud lets you guide agency partners through workflows and self-service tools that simplify media strategies while measuring progress. This allows your organization to streamline collaboration. It also builds more effective relationships, which in turn earns more revenue for both parties involved.

Previously called Community Cloud, this program lets you create several platforms for your customers to interact with. This means they can access portal sites and forums built on Salesforce’s platform seamlessly, integrating all data from CRM systems like Facebook or Twitter. 

7. Utilize Datorama to Track Marketing Metrics and Campaign Performance 

AI-powered insights are a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. Salesforce Datorama connects with all your data points. It allows you to make smarter decisions by joining and acting on the information from various sources to increase ROI. 

Datorama does this for your media campaigns or investments made towards audience segments. By leveraging this data, your team will earn increased reach among key demographics.

Datorama provides a simple way to connect different platforms seamlessly. When you sign up, this program will guide the process so that it’s almost as if they coded themselves. 

You’ll be able to track your progress against goals along with marketing efforts, all without writing any lines of computer code yourself.  

Why You Need the Salesforce Media Sales End-to-End Platform 

Pie graph of Salesforce CRM market share

An innovative, end-to-end system is revolutionizing the media industry. This cloud-based CRM software creates a 360-degree view of your customers and their advertising revenue cycle without guesswork or discrepancies.

This latest platform is from Salesforce, the CRM giant that has captured more than 19.8% of the CRM market share. The program consolidates data from all channels into one timeline so you can plan cross-channel campaigns with precision – no more jumping back and forth between programs just to keep up. 

Workflows also collapse together for easy management. Now it’ll be simpler than ever before (literally) knowing how much money each campaign brings while still analyzing performance.

Accelerate Your Media Sales Solutions with Salesforce 

You’re ready to improve sales strategies while increasing ROI for your organization. You want to help your media sales representative find success, and you need to make some quick decisions regarding what approach they should take. 

In this challenging situation, every decision must be made carefully for maximum results – but how? The answer could lie with Salesforce!

At Rainmaker, we know how to help you implement a Salesforce strategy and set your media sales reps up for success every time! Our pro-active consulting team will facilitate your Salesforce implementation. 

Are you ready to accelerate your media sales team? Contact us today at Rainmaker and learn how we can help you implement Salesforce Media strategies.  

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