How to Optimize and Streamline Ad Operations with Salesforce

Ad operations have come a long way since the first advertising campaigns of the ancient world. The technologies, techniques, and trends may have changed, but the goal has always been the same – reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. Agencies who sell ads for this era’s media consumers have a complex challenge on their hands. 

In the 2nd Marketing Intelligence Report from Salesforce, the company found that the average number of platforms used for ad and marketing campaigns totaled 23! 

Keeping track and remaining accurate across this marketing and ad delivery landscape will put any ad operations team under immense pressure in what many already consider a thankless job. It’s not just the tight deadlines that you have to contend with but also the long hours while you wait for upstream ad inventory and assets that may require rework before you can publish. You must also adjust your strategies based on real-time performance analytics to optimize your ad spend across all delivery channels and campaigns. This makes ad operations one of the toughest jobs in the marketing industry.

Salesforce realizes the extent of the problem and is here to help. With the capability to automate ad sales, Salesforce Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud can help you optimize and streamline ad operations for improved campaign performance. Here’s how. 

How Salesforce Helps Streamline Ad Operations

Salesforce now has 12 distinct cloud solutions serving specific industry verticals. The Salesforce Media Cloud solution connects to your company’s CRM implementation and includes advertising sales management features. The need for this evolution is evident amid the many challenges facing ad publishers over recent years. Some of the major challenges include:

  • The phasing out of third-party cookies from Google Chrome and other search providers
  • Increased compliance costs and operational limitations due to expanding privacy regulations
  • A growing digital landscape that requires seamless experiences across different ad delivery channels
  • Shrinking revenues and tighter budgets that limit diverse spending on different campaigns and delivery channels

Salesforce Advertising Sales Management for Media Cloud seeks to help ad operations teams to overcome these challenges by leveraging the capabilities available in OmniStudio. While it’s possible to customize the Salesforce data model according to your organization’s needs, OmniStudio provides out-of-the-box (OOTB) data flows catering to specific industries. These are also customizable and flexible enough to adapt the implementation to your organization’s unique requirements. 

Salesforce OmniStudio features that enable optimized ad operations

What are the Main Features Available in Salesforce Advertising Sales Management?

Salesforce Advertising Sales Management extends the capabilities of Salesforce Media Cloud. The Media Cloud implementation allows organizations to maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) by monetizing media experiences from a unified, agile platform. Along with these capabilities, the media-specific data model enables entertainment providers to diversify revenue streams and use media process automation to accelerate time to value with a digital-first, data-driven approach.

Along with these powerful tools, Advertising Sales Management leverages the same artifacts and components to optimize and streamline ad operations with an extended data model. Below is a brief description of the additional features available in Salesforce Advertising Sales Management. 

Sales and Order Capture for Value Optimization

With a media-specific CPQ (configure, price, and quote) engine, sales teams can capture orders efficiently and build a guided selling experience to offer advertising products and services according to customer profiles. Customers can pick from a centralized catalog of products and offers to ensure pricing consistency. 

Contract Lifecycle Management

With centralized contract lifecycle management, ad operations teams can manage all relationships between agencies, advertisers, and brands. You can speed up media approvals using digital signatures and orchestrate order insertion to launch ad campaigns across servers and delivery channels rapidly. 

Data-Driven Campaign Amendments

Using the capabilities available in OmniAnalytics, ad operations teams can make amendments to any campaign based on real-time performance metrics. The actionable insights from always-on analytics and reporting features enable better campaign planning, revenue pacing, and forecasting. 

Sales Management Process Optimization

To help accelerate time to value, Salesforce Advertising Sales Management comes with a pre-built business process that you can adapt according to your needs. All processes are extensible and come with integration procedures to provide maximum flexibility and speed up deployment. 

Centralized Product Catalog with Unified Analytics

The centralized product catalog allows ad operations teams to manage all ad inventory, assets, and versions from a single location. The AI-derived analytics help to uncover insights regarding asset performance and audience engagement that allow teams to adjust pricing and prioritize strategies to minimize revenue leakage.

Why Use Salesforce Advertising Sales Management for Your Ad Operations

Inefficient ad operations are a publisher’s biggest nightmare. When you have to manually gauge the success of a campaign, orchestrate your ad insertion, or forecast your pricing strategy, the time and effort required can make revenues insufficient. To remain profitable in an increasingly challenging and diverse digital landscape, ad sales automation and orchestration are essential to your success.

List of five of the biggest challenges in ad operations today

Salesforce Advertising Sales Management provides you with all the processes, integrations, and automation capabilities required to operate productively and profitably in today’s AdOps world. With real-time insights and analytics into your campaign performance, you can remain agile and improve your targeting for increased engagement across all digital and real-world publications. 

Streamline Ad Operations with Rainmaker

Rainmaker can assist ad operations teams with their Salesforce Advertising Sales Management implementation. We provide managed Salesforce services to organizations that need to evolve with changing industries and digital tools, capabilities, and delivery models. With Rainmaker, you can optimize your ad operations and streamline your Salesforce implementation for greater productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 

If your organization needs to optimize ad operations with a Salesforce Advertising Sales Management implementation, reach out to Rainmaker today. 

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