How to Use Salesforce Lightning – Harnessing the Power with 5 Examples

Businesses often ask how to use Salesforce Lightning. Before diving into different use case scenarios, Salesforce Lightning is the next-gen CRM platform that comes with a more intuitive design, a host of productivity tools, and AI functionality. 

If you want to live by the adage that the customer is king, then a customer relationship management (CRM) solution such as Salesforce Lightning can help. It enables brands to manage their interactions with customers to generate sales, market products and services, receive feedback, and create customer loyalty.

CRMs help improve your bottom line, qualify leads, offer better customer service, increase referrals, among others. With a long list of benefits, 92% of businesses say that CRM is an essential tool to achieve their revenue goals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, experts saw an 87% increase in CRM deployment over the cloud as many shifted to remote and hybrid operations.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Salesforce Lightning

While the first thing users will notice when using Salesforce Lightning is its beautiful UI, the latest version of the CRM offers features that benefit a wide array of users from developers, admins, and business users. Overall, it offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Functionality: Salesforce included new features to the Lightning version of their CRM platform. These features improve user experience and expand the opportunities for solution uses. 
  • Mobile-Friendly: Users can develop professional apps that their users can use practically on any device. 
  • Improved Security: Not that the Classic version of Salesforce has poor security, but the most trusted CRM platform made sure that the Lightning comes with better authentication that is crucial for organizations that need high-level security.
  • Customer-centric Features: The client-side UI allows you to build a customer community that provides a more personalized journey for your market. This, of course, helps up customer satisfaction.
  • Access to Powerful Data: Lightning has a Tableau CRM option that gives data updated on an hourly basis. Using the advanced capabilities of Salesforce, you can view detailed reports that help you make informed decisions.


5 Use Case Scenarios on How To Use Salesforce Lightning 

Different businesses have different pain points to address. Some organizations use CRM to learn more about their customers, others to become more efficient in delivering their products or services, and others to optimize their customer interactions. Below are some real-world use cases where brands benefited from using Salesforce Lightning:

1. 3M Taps the Power of CRM to Protect COVID-19 Frontliners

When the COVID-19 cases around the globe started to explode in March 2020, the world experienced a shortage of N95 respirators and personal protective equipment for health workers. It was also during that period when scammers took advantage of unknowing consumers. Fraudsters sold fake products or inflated the price tags of 3M products in their inventories.

As the shortage put lives in danger, 3M scaled up its production of respirators to almost 100 million per month globally. In the United States, 90% of the company’s production went straight to frontliners.

Concurrent with the need to scale production was the need to address fraudulent activities. It relied on the capabilities of Salesforce to set up communication lines so consumers could easily report issues on the ground, making it easier for the brand to track and address.

With a massive volume of information coming in, 3M extended the implementation of the Salesforce Service Cloud. The complaints of customers went directly to the 3M service agents, who could respond faster. 

2. Create a Mobile Tool to Empower Sales Team

An asset manager was looking for a digital tool to help the company’s sales team access key information and improve their retail sales capability. Using the Fjord design studio of Accenture, they developed an interactive capability solution using the framework of Salesforce Lightning. 

The developer identified the brand’s needs to come up with the ideal experience for the sales team. 

The resulting digital platform provided timely information and comprehensive coverage that paved the way for better productivity for the retail sales team. The tool was built with enough flexibility that it later rolled out to other aspects of the brand’s operation.

3. Inventory Management Solution for Growing Genomics Company

California-based Gateway Genomics, which develops genetic-based tests that provide families insights about their future kids, needed help managing its growing customer base. With over 100,000 DNA tests in their inventory, the organization sought the help of Salesforce professionals.

A dedicated inventory management solution integrated with the company’s CRM was proposed. The implementation went smoothly. The system was reliable enough to deliver a seamless experience to both staff and customers. The work resulted in 100% data consistency, eliminated manual errors, and different automated aspects of the workflow.

4. IoT Integration of Salesforce to Help Hotel Chain Manage Wi-Fi Locks 

A hotel chain with properties in different cities and locations in the United States wanted to monitor and manage the Wi-Fi locks in their different facilities. Maintenance of Wi-Fi locks often involves installation or replacement, repair, software updates, and lock disassembly when units need servicing.

The solution was created using AWS IoT Cloud hardware in tandem with Salesforce CRM for the software component. The integration of Salesforce Lightning features allowed service managers, dispatcher managers, and service agents to properly monitor requests from a centralized platform and act on them as soon as possible, improving customer satisfaction.

5. Help City of Chicago Deliver More Efficient Government Services 

The 311 City Services Call Center is a community-centric effort of the City of Chicago. Its primary aim is to provide residents, visitors, and businesses easy access to information and services. With the growing demand and shrinking budget, the city needed to find a way to improve 311.

Chicago’s community re-platformed the 311 system using the Salesforce Government Cloud. This created a connected experience where people could access what they needed. The Tableau CRM allowed users access reports that give them useful information to help them respond appropriately to the needs of the people and plan accordingly for the future.

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