Bring Ideas Back to Salesforce Lightning with LEX Ideas

Here at Rainmaker, we’ve helped hundreds of clients to successfully transition from Salesforce Classic since the launch of Salesforce Lightning in 2015. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot of lessons.

Although Lightning is the best CRM companies can invest in to future-proof their success in the modern world, there are many reasons they might be hesitant to take the plunge: aside from data migration, the transition process can require education, strategy, and the re-development or consolidation of workflows.

Much less frequently, we find that clients depend on objects in Classic that simply aren’t available in Lightning yet. While every feature and tool in Classic is theoretically cross-compatible with Lightning Experience (LEX), in a small handful of cases they aren’t.

One feature is requested so often that we decided to finally do something about it for the entire Salesforce community: Ideas.

The Idea Behind Ideas

If Salesforce could be boiled down to its most basic element, “collaboration” might be the result. Not only has Mark Benioff named collaboration as one of his company’s fundamental values, but in many ways Salesforce – and CRM in general – is all about collaboration:

     Collaboration between customers and business

     Collaboration between sales and marketing

     Collaboration between IT and customer support

     Collaboration between companies

Crucially, Salesforce also encourages collaboration between itself and affiliates via the IdeaExchange, a community where customers can suggest, vote on and discuss ideas for the future of the platform.

Prior to Lightning, a very similar feature was available to Salesforce Lightning customers. Organizations were able to use “Ideas” to gather feedback from users, organize projects, and designate tasks to employees.

Since this feature has been retired, many companies who depended on it have been reluctant to leave Classic behind. We’ve built a solution.

Introducing LEX Ideas

LEX Ideas is a free ideas management app inspired by Salesforce Classic that operates directly within the Salesforce Lightning platform, enabling your organization to manage ideas from conception to execution without switching back to the Classic interface.

We wanted to keep things simple and uncluttered, just like Lightning. Here’s how it works:

  1. Users can submit new ideas for everyone to see
  2. Other users can vote, discuss and develop those ideas
  3. Through consensus, ideas proceed through the process defined in the status field that is customizable for each implementation of the app.
  4. Zones enable selective accessibility to an organization’s partners, customers or members. This way, everyone sees exactly what they are meant to see, and internal information stays confidential.
  5. Teams enable an organization to divide projects on a granular level. Ideas for the Marketing team go directly to Marketing, and ideas for the Sales team go directly to the Sales team.

We have listened to our clients’ concerns about switching to Lightning, and after testing the app again and again, we believe it can eliminate a significant amount of anxiety. LEX Ideas retains the most important and fundamental features of a beloved Classic feature without sacrificing the integrated Lightning workflow.

Check out LEX Ideas on the AppExchange, where we’ve shared it for no cost at all. After seeing it work for our users, we can’t wait to see it work for you.

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