Active Minerals International

Through mines, processing plants, and storage facilities in the United States, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America, Active Minerals International target the production of high quality industrial minerals and mineral products that are used by industries and organizations across the world.


To optimize the current CRM and incorporate key sub-processes managed in disparate systems

  • Lack of a formal lead process, including stages, qualification methodology, distribution, and evaluation/ROI

  • Unqualified opportunities causing a significant waste of time and resources

  • Opportunity stages not reflective of the actual process and thus making pipeline evaluation impossible

  • Key activities, such as sample request were maintained outside of the system and not transparent to sales and inefficient for COG

  • Documents, such the Customer Information Form, required for credit approval and billing system, were maintained outside of CRM system

  • Product specific data, especially in regard to opportunities, is not maintained in the system making it difficult to evaluate products in the pipeline


Designed and Deployed

  • Built a scalable sales process reflective of a rapidly expanding multi-national sales organization

  • Incorporated SFDC workflows and triggers to automate notifications and initiate processes

  • Incorporated and automated over 60 approval processes to support the company’s quality control, customer service, and sample management processes

  • Incorporated quoting into the opportunity record of SFDC and integrating with the ERP system


One central source of data, optimized sales process and integration of sub-processes and activities

  • Captured the entire sales process and key activities

  • Incorporated sample request process, including approval and tracking into the SFDC

  • Generated key documents/information required by stakeholders in other functional areas from within the CRM

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