The Only Guide to Salesforce Training You’ll Ever Need

It’s no secret that experienced Salesforce resources are scarce in the labor market. The rapid rise of the Salesforce ecosystem and its continued dominance in the CRM space means that Salesforce training is vital for the more than 150,000 organizations whose operations depend on the platform. Compounding the issue is the acceleration of digital transformation that depends on tech talent borne from the pandemic.

Salesforce learning and training resources are available from several different sources. The difficulty is finding a Salesforce training program that suits your business and facilitates your teams to make the most of your Salesforce implementation. In short, not every training resource will give you the required skillsets to optimize, streamline, and scale your Salesforce implementation according to your business needs.

Below, we’ll cover the different types of Salesforce training programs available and discuss some of the resources you can use to upskill your teams for continued success.

Salesforce Training Challenges You Need to Know

Today’s workforces face major challenges as their original disciplines and training regimes become intertwined with the use of technology required to perform their duties. The constant requirement to upskill your experienced employees while deploying and implementing new digital solutions is only going to increase in the future.

The statistics support this concern:

  • Digital skills are now an essential attribute required for the modern workforce.
  • The demand and supply of digital skills aren’t keeping pace with digital transformation initiatives.
  • Digital skills lead to higher stock returns and will result in almost 150 million additional jobs by 2025.

A graph showing the increase in digital skills requirements in areas like Salesforce training to support the world economy in the future

Salesforce Training Solutions to Help Your Organization

Within this climate, Salesforce skills are skyrocketing applicants to the top of the pile. For organizations that want to teach their existing workforce instead of hiring recruits, here are the main strategies and resources available today.

Dedicated In-Person Salesforce Training

Instructor-led, in-person Salesforce training gives your teams a hands-on experience that is hard to beat if you need to quickly upskill your resources for a new Salesforce implementation. Finding an organization that can provide certified training courses for Salesforce is as easy as searching the term “Salesforce training near me.”

These types of training courses are popular as you can address specific issues you have with your Salesforce implementation and get expert input to streamline your CRM operations. It also works well for situations where your experienced staff will need to adopt a new system and have zero to no experience in the platform. Onsite Salesforce training may be the best option for organizations starting out on their journey towards a successful Salesforce implementation.

Remote and On-Demand Salesforce Learning

For busy professionals, on-demand Salesforce training works around your schedule. Online Salesforce training resources are plentiful and with this approach, you can steadily increase your team’s skillset without disrupting your normal operations. Some of the options available include:

  • TrailheadSalesforce Trailhead provides free, bite-sized learning courses that quickly upskill your resources by letting you earn badges and points. With Trailhead Playgrounds, you can test your skills using simulated exercises.
  • Videos and webinars – Another option is to find specific on-demand videos relating to different tasks in Salesforce. Salesforce Trailhead Live gives you access to industry professionals that cover a wide variety of topics and product features.
  • Salesforce YouTube channel – Salesforce also has a YouTube channel that provides regular content and updated how-to demos to show you what is possible and what new features are available. This content comes from Salesforce professionals who are working in the industry and can be invaluable even after you’ve received in-person training.
  • Third-party training – You can also use sites like Udemy as another great source for on-demand, remote Salesforce training. Udemy courses are instructor-led and a cost-effective alternative to in-person, onsite training.
  • Trailblazer community – For all your product-related questions, the Trailblazer community is always available and gives you access to helpful training notes and industry experts. You can join groups and get answers directly from other Salesforce experts who often faced similar problems in the past.

Alternative Salesforce Training Options

If you need to get up to speed quickly, another option available is managed Salesforce services. This option gives you access to industry experts for all your Salesforce implementation concerns and you can augment your teams with experienced professionals to ensure you follow all the best practices from day one.

Managed Salesforce services let you maximize your ROI and quickly get your team up to speed with the platform. Your teams can learn along with industry experts, and you can rest assured that your Salesforce implementation will align with your business goals.

The benefits of managed Salesforce services include:

  • Dedicated Salesforce administration with user management, break-fix support, and dedicated training including guided support
  • Change management and backlog support that allows you to get through all those tickets piling up from your user requests and integration headaches
  • Data and release management that include security audits, data hygiene, and project-level implementation changes to optimize your use of the platform

Salesforce managed services give you the flexibility to achieve what you want with your implementation quickly. You can integrate your Salesforce implementation with your legacy systems, receive the required training on-demand, and follow the Salesforce best practices from day one.

A diagram showing the Salesforce training required for integration with other apps and legacy systems

Support Your Teams with Salesforce Training and Managed Services from Rainmaker

Rainmaker provides you with all the skills and expertise you need to ensure you have a successful Salesforce implementation. From legacy integration and on-demand training to project-level change and backlog management, Rainmaker will help you succeed by aligning your platform with your business goals. For organizations that need to quickly upskill their Salesforce resources and leverage all the latest features available in the platform, Rainmaker can assist.

If you need dedicated Salesforce training and assistance to make the most of your implementation, reach out to Rainmaker today.

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