Multi-National Parcel Company

Leveraging Salesforce to facilitate elevated collaboration drive business results

Rainmaker’s client operates a global courier service delivering packages and freight around the world. Known for several key innovations in the shipping industry, the client depends on fast-paced collaboration to develop infrastructure and stay competitive.


Authentication features in the client’s deprecated collaboration platform made access difficult for employees and partners

  • A platform used by the client’s sales team required special privileges for access and use of an unintuitive interface
  • Some groups within the company could not easily interact or collaborate with the sales team leading to delays, miscommunication and lack of coherence
  • As a high-priority item, the client required a functioning solution within ten weeks


Rainmaker combined out-of-the-box SFDC features with proprietary techniques to provide new functionality

  • A brand-new platform was built with, providing a global environment for wide deployment throughout the company
  • Elements were tailored for the sales team through VF pages, custom objects and reports enabling ease-of-access and readily-available insights
  • Project management capabilities enabled better oversight and organization of individual projects and tasks
  • Tiered access was granted to on-team individuals with special privileges; limited access was granted to thousands of collaborators outside the team requiring selected information


Successful completion by DEADLINE, increased accessibility and easier user interface

  • Rainmaker delivered this system within the 10-week deadline established by the client
  • Users report significant improvements in accessibility due to new interfaces: some tasks that required ten screens now require one
  • Analytic reports greatly decreased redundant processes, allowing management quick and consistent access to data
  • The new user access system dramatically improved collaboration capabilities leading to increased time for strategic work


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