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Delivered strategic process optimization and better pipeline visibility

A world leader in the design and manufacture of small unmanned aircraft systems which have supported U.S. and allied Armed Forces with reconnaissance data, help protect endangered wildlife and preserve the environment.


Authentication features in the client’s deprecated collaboration platform made access difficult for employees and partners

  • Forecasting involved long cycles, burn rate management, and approval processes
  • Opportunities contains numerous line items and required individual line item management
  • Important sub-processes such as demonstration request needed to be approved and scheduled
  • Management of consultants, contracts and budgets need to be managed
  • Data Integrity issues resulting from the lack of a single system of record for important data


Capture and manage key processes, identify data sources, introduce reliable reporting and analytics

  • Leverage to manage the sales/opportunity process to reflect specific client requirements
  • Deploy VisualForce to create custom executive forecast and pipeline reports, per required format
  • Manage request, approvals, and contract expiration for 3rd party consultants
  • Automate critical processes for client demos, and invoice request with reminders and alerts


Provided Visibility into important processes, automated critical task, improved data integrity and developed custom reports

  • Saved time and improved data integrity with custom VisualForce forecast and pipeline reports
  • Centralized and introduced automated process for tracking and approving demo request
  • Complete life-cycle tracking of agreements

  • Automated invoice approvals and burn-rate tracking to stay on budget and not cause project delays


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