How to Automate Ad Sales with Salesforce Media Cloud


How to Automate Ad Sales with Salesforce Media Cloud Before the atomic clock, the quartz clock, or even the pendulum clock, the ancient Greek academic Ctesibius invented one of the first pieces of automation in history: a self-regulatory water clock. It may sound trivial to modern ears, but this marks the inception of humankind’s perpetual race towards automation. As history went on, we began to automate spinning mills, fire-control systems, navigation, and now, even ad sales. Salesforce, an industry leader

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Managing Media Insertion Orders


Managing Media Insertion Orders New technologies have dramatically changed the way publishers and advertisers do business over the last few decades. So much so that a marketer from 20 years ago dropped into the present day would hardly recognize the technical vocabulary of ad purchasing. Nevertheless, some legacy instruments of negotiation have remained in use such as media insertion orders. Prior to the digital era, ad buys were almost exclusively transacted in contracts known as insertion orders. In 2022, 88.2%

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