Streamline Your Government Contract Business Pipeline With SAM Gov Opportunity Finder From Rainmaker

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The United States Government is not notorious for providing easy-to-use services that result in a seamless experience for users. In the case of SAM Gov — a platform used to host active opportunities and government contracts for anyone interested in doing business with the federal government — it can be an almost full-time job to comb through listings and create RFP opportunities in Salesforce for your team. Parameters related to various federal business organizations, response deadlines, classification codes, and other sometimes confusing and mundane organization structures can be enough to make any Business Development Executive pull out their hair as they research and try to provide their organization with new revenue opportunities.

Find Relevant Government Contract Leads For Your Sales Team

That’s why Rainmaker has developed the SAM Gov Opportunity Finder for Salesforce, enabling federal government contractors to automate and integrate opportunities relevant to their team’s areas of expertise directly into Salesforce with just a few clicks.

The SAM Gov Opportunity Finder gives you the power to use over 25 custom search parameters to comb the entire database via Salesforce. View, inspect, and insert opportunities as leads or opportunities based on organizational fit, capabilities, or focus and link them to the appropriate internal agency or department account(s) with just a few clicks. Update opportunities on-demand, in real time straight to Salesforce with the latest details from contract postings so your team can begin strategizing on RFPs before your competitors have even identified them.

Customize Your Search In Salesforce

To execute a SAM Gov Opportunity Search, you simply provide your required parameters in Salesforce — including but not limited to Posted From Date, Posted To Date, Contract Limit(s), State & Zip Code, Government Department Name — and the Opportunity Finder will convert the relevant contracts into opportunities for your team to locate, evaluate, collaborate, and report progress all in one place.

The SAM Gov Opportunity Finder is currently in its Beta Program, and we’re looking for relevant companies to receive “Early Access” to the program to provide feedback and play an important role in helping guide our product roadmap!

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