Driving growth for Manufacturers with Salesforce

ManufacturingRainmaker helps manufacturers ensure sales, marketing, manufacturing processes, product development, channel partners and even human resources are all working in concert to achieve organizational goals with the magic of Salesforce. That includes the alignment and integration of disparate systems, manufacturing processes, and sources of information, including ERP and customer care systems.

  • Process and System Integration – Break down organizational silos and share information in a fluid and collaborative process to ensure alignment of key functions throughout the organization.

  • Product Development – Bring products to market faster with less risk and higher returns.


  • Channel Partner Management – Manage your company message and image by engaging channel partners and gaining channel visibility.

  • Social Media – Create additional value by engaging with consumers on social media and monitoring social media conversations to generate consumer insights and market intelligence all on the same platform.

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How Can Rainmaker Help Your Manufacturing?

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