Utility Consulting Program (UCP)

You need at least 3 ingredients to evolve salesforce.com to meet ongoing business needs;

  • Governance; an approach to guiding business prioritization of initiatives and managing delivery of the backlog
  • Expertise; platform expertise to design scalable solutions
  • Horsepower; enough capable resources to deliver within the timeframes the business requires


The challenge is that as your business leverages more of the salesforce.com platform, business users want more and more capabilities to be delivered. With 3 new salesforce.com releases a year and business priorities that shift constantly, organizations inevitably find themselves lacking one of those 3 ingredients, at some point.

And business leaders and users start to complain.

Utility Consulting Overview

Rainmaker’s Utility Consulting Program is designed to empower your business by providing fractional access to a team of salesforce.com experts, to help drive ongoing success. We aren’t just giving you advice or pointing you to online resources. Your UCP team can help manage your backlog of requests; gathering requirements, solutioning, and helping guide prioritization of initiatives for delivery. They can provide implementation, development or data migration support. They can even provide you with visibility into your backlog of requests, status of delivery, and an understanding of what’s coming down the pike.

UCP is designed to deliver:

  • Expertise when you need it, helping guide your ongoing planning.
  • Access to implementation and development horsepower, to help meet fluctuations in your backlog
  • A predictable monthly cost that enables you to budget


Utility Consulting delivers consistent results, increasing the value that you get from your investment in salesforce.com.

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