Managed Services

Whether you know exactly what you want to accomplish with and simply need support to get there, or you know that your company can get more out of but aren’t quite sure what you are looking for – we can help. Our Managed Services Practice can address both your proactive and responsive long-term needs.

Our clients benefit from having a certified consultant who provides operational and strategic solutions to drive value and implement best practices. Our certified consultants stay on top of industry trends and product releases, and are always looking for ways to improve your end-user experience. Their goal is to help you fulfill the vision you have for in your enterprise – even if you aren’t quite sure what that image looks like today.

Forward Thinking

In conjunction with your leadership team, we can expertly support the evolution of within your organization. We have a long-standing and strong relationship with; our consultants are forward-thinking and know what software enhancements are scheduled for release. They also watch the AppExchange for new answers to your business challenges. We set expectations, and we continually surpass them – bringing solutions to you that are scalable, profitable, and transformative.

Impeccable Execution

If you don’t need proactive support, Rainmaker can also help you to complete the tasks on your to-do list. By partnering with your IT or administrative team, we will get to know your business and respond to your needs in a tactical, efficient way.

It’s also important to keep in mind that our certified consultants are incredibly talented and are great sounding boards. They have a wide breadth of industry knowledge and can answer all of your questions with that context in mind.

Whether you’ve laid out your roadmap or you need help with its design, Rainmaker can give you the guidance and expertise you need to keep up with the ever-changing marketplace. Let our reliable, flexible, and cost-effective support transform your business.

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