Financial Service and Insurance

Whether you are working with individuals, families, trusts or organizations, a client providing you access to their finances involves a significant amount of trust. Whether it is an insurance company, REIT or investment firm, quick, secure, personalized service is critical to gaining that trust. An incomplete view of the client account, either because multiple people are working the same account without coordinating, or data for that account is stored in disparate systems, can shake client trust.

To help resolve this challenge, Rainmaker has transformed our clients’ infrastructure quickly and effectively, thereby allowing them to:

  • Quickly respond to their customer’s needs, by reducing time spent on internal tasks (e.g. creating reports, searching for paperwork, etc.)
  • Create better and more personalized marketing messages to increase prospects, customers and ultimately revenue
  • Generate more customer referrals through increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce IT spend through consolidation and integration of internal applications

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