Associations and Non-Profits

Rainmaker understands that Associations and Non-Profits are constantly seeking more effective ways to attract, grow and retain their member and donor base while looking for ways to provide greater services and offerings to support their specific missions. Unfortunately, many have limited IT staffs and the infrastructure needs of a commercial organization, without the budget to support those needs. Cloud solutions, such as, provide the flexible and secure architecture that an organization needs to drive efficiencies, maximize visibilities into IT and how they are supporting their mission while reducing overall costs.

Rainmaker Associates has a long track record of helping non-profit organizations to achieve their annual goals and enhance their mission by:

  • Helping to attract and win new members, donors and/or volunteers
  • Driving upsell or cross sell as it relates to other offerings, classes, sponsorships or events to existing members and/or donors
  • Increasing retention of current members and donors

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