Case Study | Quadriga Direct Mail Holdings – QDMH

Quadriga, operating in 25 countries, is a global leader in direct marketing and creative services. Over a billion of their direct marketing packages reach targeted prospects, donors and consumer markets annually.

Challenge | Rationalize multiple sales processes, as a result of a series of mergers and acquisitions, into a single process and source of truth for critical business data

  • Lack of a standard sales process adoptable by the various sales groups
  • Multiple sales processes made pipeline and forecasting impossible
  • No visibility into shared accounts restricted the ability collaborate or cross sell
  • Data integrity impacted by disparate sources of information

Solution | Designed and Deployed

  • Rationalize and deploy a single company-wide sales process
  • Identify related sub-processes and leverage workflows and triggers to initiate processes, automate notifications and tracking
  • Establish a single source of truth for accounts and contacts

Results | One central source of data, a single optimized sales process and integration of sub-processes and activities

  • Gained stakeholder acceptance to a single sales process and the ability to generate company-wide pipeline and forecast data
  • Brought visibility to all account types thus providing complete visibility of the account relationship with Quadriga
  • Manage embedded sub-processes such as quoting, credit approval and project estimates


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