Case Study | Healthcare Consulting Organization

A leading healthcare consultancy providing business intelligence, advisory service and communication strategy to healthcare care providers, life science, managed care organizations.

Challenge | To document and incorporate the business processes followed by both business development and client services teams into a single transparent and collaborative process and deploy that process on the platform with a focus on:

  • Incorporating annual account plans
  • Managing activities related to key account relationship
  • Facilitating both account and product based quotas and forecast

Solution | Optimize the client’s existing system by consolidating processes, and customizing forecasting and account planning.

  • Develop custom code to allow for both product and account based quotas and forecast
  • Build custom objects for account plans
  • Deploy team selling for better collaboration

Results | Client’s instance now accurately reflects their complete business process, putting critical components of that process in the required context by:

  • Allowing for both product and account based quotas and forecast
  • Linking annual account plans with real-time opportunities for better forecasting and trend analysis
  • Setting up team selling to provide all stakeholders with visibility of all activities and individuals with an account
  • Deploying an org charting application to improve identification of “White spaces” and facilitate networking activity

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