Case Study | Johnson Controls International (JCI)

salesforce integrationJohnson Controls International (JCI) is a multinational conglomerate involved in the manufacturing of automotive parts and HVAC systems for buildings. Having developed around the first electric thermostat more than a century ago, JCI continues to service and provide routine maintenance to HVAC equipment in military environments.

Challenge | JCI depended on a paper-based system to manage work orders leading to delays and poor prioritization

  • Maintenance and repair operations were managed by a three-person staff
  • Service technicians were required to submit physical reports on completion of work
  • Ongoing operations could not be monitored in real-time; as such, cases could not be prioritized based on availability or escalated based on complications
  • Rolling work backlogs collected each quarter creating dissatisfaction among clients and technicians

Solution | Rainmaker utilized Salesforce Field Service Lightning to digitalize work-order management

  • End-to-end digitalization of work order management allowed orders to be easily viewed, tracked and prioritized by management and techs alike
  • Service Console enabled intelligent job scheduling based on the priority and details of a job matched to a tech’s current workload, abilities and productivity
  • The Field Service mobile app enabled techs to quickly access case details and the ability to report on stock and inventory while deployed

Results | Successful adoption of new system depleted backlogs and created higher technician productivity

  • Depletion of work backlogs enabled JCI to successfully reach its quarterly resolution goals
  • Communication between management and tech was transformed, enabling real-time collaboration on work-orders
  • Analytics and intelligent scheduling ensured that techs were given the jobs most suitable to their abilities leading to higher employee satisfaction, less over-scheduled techs and fewer idle personnel waiting for orders or feedback

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