We’ve learned a lot from the thousands of clients we have partnered with since 2002. One thing stands out above everything else and has become our most important foundational concept: every business is unique.

Even within the same industry with virtually identical products or services, we see that industry players have entirely different business models and procedures. Corporate culture also differentiates our clients. What works for one company may not work for another, based solely on how a company views itself.

A Flexible, Accommodating Process

Technology is not one-size-fits-all, and transformation does not come in a conveniently-wrapped box. We are here to serve you and your business goals – not fit your business into a pre-designed, rigid template.

While we do have systems in place to ensure that we stay organized and focused, our approach is client-centric, flexible, and strategic. We look at each business individually to develop a custom solution to address your specific pain points and objectives.

Meeting You Where You Are

We work with you at any point in your business lifecycle. If you’re in rapid growth mode, we’ll ensure that the expansion flows as smoothly as possible. If you are revamping your business and need to reach a new customer channel, we will supply you with the tools that you need to create a fantastic customer experience for that audience. And if your business has just been rattled by a disruptor, we’ll find a way to make you a disruptor yourself.

We also consider every level of your user experience. Your whole team will be involved in the process to ensure that every detail meets their needs. Just like every business has a unique set of requirements, different functions within one business have them, too.

Enabling Change

From strategic vision development to systems integration and support, we can ensure that your Salesforce.com platform is always evolving and adding value to your bottom line. Our customers are forward-thinking innovators. We do all that we can to keep them on the cutting-edge and ahead of the competition. We don’t want to tell you what to do; we simply want to give you the ability to do whatever your business dreams or demands.

You aren’t just a number. See how Rainmaker can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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